What is an Event Registration & Attendee Management System 

Managing events from planning stage to execution have been the major call-of-duty for event managers. Event management can be described as the act of planning, organizing, coordinating, directing and analyzing of public gathering. It involves conceptualizing events; developing strategies and managing events' realities.  Event management has been considered as one of the most stressful management profession because of the complexities involved in audience targeting, people management, budgeting, logistics, communication, people engagement and resource management. Determining the success of an event depends on how the identified complexities are properly managed. This can be achieved through top-notch organization skills of event planners with supporting systems employed. Accessories used by most event planners are spreadsheets, calendars, stickers and pen but it has been proven that these accessories are only limited to scheduling and resource planning, hence the need for a system to enhance maximum event planning and management

Why is an Event Registration & Attendee Management System   

Event varies by type, and purpose .  While events are planned with different goals in mind, events also attract different audiences and are planned uniquely to suit event goals. Banquets, social meetings, seminars, trade shows, and large conferences others differ in planning. In the times past, planners relied majorly on traditional tools like posters, flyers, letters, invitation cards, radio and TV announcements to notify and invite attendees to an upcoming event.   

Attendees respond by buying ticket at a location ahead of time, or bought event tickets at the venue help desk on the day of event. There were a lot of problems with the old ways of event registration. 

-- There was no way for managers to forecast attendance

-- Onsite check-in process was not efficient 

-- Lower security at events

-- There were no ways to track sponsors' ROI

Event planners identified these challenges and upgraded into spreadsheets to cater for the shortcomings of traditional event management.  While spreadsheets and calendars have been relatively effective in setting deadlines, forecasting, financial budgeting, tracking activities and possibly, registration. Aforementioned system helps in activities prioritization and majorly useful in pre-event stage but the failures of major events can be traced to their ineffectiveness during and after events. 

The internet revolution brought new trends into the event industries, making room for managers to adapt technology into every part of event management including event registration, event invitation, event communications, event marketing and advertisement, crowd control, attendee management and post event reporting.  The need for modern Event Management tools like Leventai has become a necessity that Event managers now count on to optimizing event registrations, event marketing, attendee management and sponsorship ROI delivery.

Capabilities of an Event Registration & Attendee Management System

Capabilities Events and Attendee management systems offers invaluable capabilities to event managers and sponsors. 

Event Registration, Digital Invites and Branded Websites

Onsite Check-in QR codes eliminate queues and complexities during onsite check-in

Inbuilt communication tools for pre-event reminders.

Ability to forecast event attendance, and no-shows or crowd congestion situations

Interactive and attendee engagement private event apps such as live-poll, in-event social feeds to create lasting memories 

Event notifications, reminders and alerts 

Ability to safely check-in event attendees, and to ensure health safety  at events. 

Real-time event analytics  

Additional Capabilities for Sponsorship ROI Delivery

Sponsors' ad integration, lead capturing and event sentiments

Event attendee data segmentation, and detailed analytics Badge Scans  

Private Event Social App for audience sentiments 

Data & Profile Segmentation  

Lead Capture & Retrieval  Event Social Walls & Event Social Posts  

Digital Intros of sponsors Networking & Private Messages  

Data security and privacy compliance 

Download Full Data after events Connect Attendees with Exhibitors



Executing an Event Registration & Attendee Management Strategy

To execute a robust Event Registration and Attendee Management Strategy, the four core Event processes to consider are Event Registrations, Omni-channel Event communications, Attendee Management and Analytics

Event Registration

With Leventai, Event managers can create branded events, all in minutes. Leventai allows creators customize ticket sizes and segment attendee groups for personalized entries, seating and experiences.

Attendee Management

Attendee management is critical to every successful event. People are difficult to manage particularly in a mega event, some can be violent and some can be calm. Managing participants include movement restrictions, event rules, parking space, seating arrangement, and venue management. Leventai helps to manage attendee through its in-built features. Unnecessary rowdiness in terms of seating arrangement and parking space can be reduced by allocating spaces and seat number during registration. Rules concerning movement restriction, waste disposal, and comportment can be communicated using Leventai.

Omni-Channel Event Communications

SMS and Email marketing can ticket sales and increase attendance at your events. SMS has proven to me one of the most effective channels to raise event awareness. With Leventai in-built digital omni-channel tools, Event Managers can send promotional messages to boost ticket sales, remind attendees of event dates across several channels.  During events, managers can send polls, in-app messages, or event announcements to keep everyone in the loop. After events, managers can collect feedbacks via sms polls, to measure attendee satisfaction to plan for next events.  

Analytics & Deep Reports

View real-time registration, sales data on Leventai. Event managers can access number of guest, payment, product among others in just one click. Database, feedback, online survey are viable indicators to measure performance and rate of investment. Data can also be presented as a way to convince sponsors of competencies.   

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